Sunday, February 27, 2011

AMES NASATweetup–Future Flight Central (Mars)

Here’s a continuing post regarding the NASTweetup at Ames Research Facility. While we were in the Future Flight Central we got sent to Mars. Well not really, but it did look like it.

They loaded up images of Mars from the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. It was interesting seeing the different ways they landed.

NASATweetupAmes 070

NASATweetupAmes 053

Here’s  picture showing the deflated bag that protected the rover on impact with the planet.

NASATweetupAmes 054

NASATweetupAmes 055

NASATweetupAmes 056

NASATweetupAmes 057

NASATweetupAmes 058

NASATweetupAmes 059

NASATweetupAmes 060

NASATweetupAmes 061

NASATweetupAmes 062

NASATweetupAmes 063

NASATweetupAmes 064

NASATweetupAmes 065

NASATweetupAmes 066

NASATweetupAmes 067

Bounce marks left from where the protective cushion hit the surface of Mars.

NASATweetupAmes 069

It was great to see the surface of Mars with a 360 degree view. It definitely was better than seeing the planet on a computer screen.

This concludes my series of posts on the NASA Tweetup and the Ames Research Facility. If there is another Tweetup somewhat locally to me I’m sure to sign up. Thanks to all of the NASA public relations, researchers and scientists who made this event happen.

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