Wednesday, October 19, 2011


At some point you should take responsibility of your wants and desires. For instance if you want change in Wall Street and Banking and you get thousands of fellow want changers around you, maybe it’s time you took responsibility for your wants and desires. Don’t like how banks are run? Why not pass a bucket around taking deposits for a bank? Create a bank and operate it you feel banks should be run. Let’s say there’s 1000 people out and about, each deposits $1000 and you have $1,000,000. A nice start to a bank. Then you can operate it as you feel fit, within regulations. If you really feel your way is better you should have no problem attracting additional depositors, eventually you could be the world’s largest bank!

Protesting that someone else should change really won’t get you too far. Providing an alternative and then putting the alternative in action is the best way to do this.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I’m Offended!

Why won’t the March on Wall Street people read my previous post??? Sure my blog has next to no readership, but the ignorance of the signs is a bit baffling. Take this sign. Where’s the dividend for bailing out Wall Street? I guess they didn’t take a look at the 2010 budget to figure out the dividend made it back to the budget, yeah. Now I guess if and when the protestor holding that sign reads this post he can go home.

Or how about this sign? I guess she hasn’t looked at the numbers. I guess the $2.2 Trillion the Federal Government spent on social programs last year don’t count. Now think about the cost was for just one year. If that’s not a War on poverty I don’t know what is. How much again did the wars cost last year? $126 Billion (excludes regular military spending). I think it’s clear to see the war on poverty is vastly larger then the cost of the wars.

It seems to me the protestors marching on Wall Street need to go the library and research the facts.