Friday, July 29, 2011

Read me a Book, AnyBook

Now you can spend less time with your kids! While your kid’s read the book they can imagine having parents who want to read to them.


I can see a place for this product, such as service men and women serving on long deployments, but I don’t think that’s all the product manufacturer’s are targeting.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You’ve Confused Me Chili’s

A recent promotional email I got, I’m confused on which day I should go, yesterday or today?


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Parent’s Role in Education

I was reading a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece regarding the Gates Foundation spending on education. The one thing I found odd was that the words parents, father, mother, dad, mom or any other family influence was mentioned. It seems like without tackling the role of family is in education that poor performing students will never get better.

Anecdotally speaking my wife taught in both poor schools and affluent schools and the complaining she did was vastly different between the two schools. In the poor schools the parents would complain about their kids being disciplined for bad behavior. In the affluent school the parents would push to have their children given harder work to expand their knowledge. Is it any wonder that the affluent schools send more children to college?

Maybe it’s time that the role of parents be the main focus on failing schools. By allowing the blaming of teacher unions and administrators we let the parents off the hook for poor parenting. Parents, collectively, push the direction schools to go into by how they raise their kids. The more engaged the parent is on their child’s success it seems would point to a school with a better chance for success. Unfortunately Mr. Gate’s money can’t solve this problem easily.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Environmental Activist Responsibility Proposition

Today I was accosted not once, not twice, but three times by Greenpeace activists standing outside a local grocery store looking for signatures for an environmental proposition. Now normally I don’t have have a problem with petitioners outside, but what caught my attention was the blatant disregard for the environment.

One of the people had a cup of coffee. Didn’t he realize the amount of energy and environmental damage that cup of coffee causes? It had to be shipped from the country of origin to the United States. Then it needed to use vast amounts of energy to be roasted, then shipped to the local store. Then energy was used to heat the brewing water to brew the coffee. Overall a very energy intensive drink for an environmentalist to choose. A simple cup of water and a decent night’s sleep would have been a much better environmental choice.

To top it off his cup of coffee wasn’t in a reusable cup, it was in a disposable cup. Doesn’t he know that most coffee houses bribe you for bringing in your own cup with a discount? What a waste, here’s a person who asking me to change go others operates, but he can’t be bothered to clean a cup?

Then there was his adornments on his face. Does he not know the environmental destruction that comes along with extracting metal from the earth? Obviously he didn’t since he adorned his face with metal. In the United States most metal is smelted using vast amounts of energy coming mainly from coal sources. I found this especially ironic since his fellow Greenpeace activist had an anti-coal energy shirt on.

Maybe instead of what ever proposition they were pedaling they should go with the Environmental Activist Responsibility Proposition. This proposition would require any member of an environmental activist group to be on a government list along with a list of environmentally friendly products. The activist would then have to declare themselves as such when they went shopping to ensure everything they purchase was on the product lists. Of course we need to make sure that the products are environmentally friendly so detailed environmental impact statements would be required before the products could be sold to them.

No doubt creating the list, maintaining it and doing the environmental reports for the products will cost lots of money. Since most environmental activists think money should be no object to save the environment they should be charged a higher sales tax rate when they purchase products as well as requiring the environmental activist groups to register with the State with a large fee. This way the programs won’t strap the cash starved State of California without any additional out of pocket costs.

If they get it on the ballot I’d vote for it. An added benefit would be when they petitioned me to sign their environmental petition they wouldn’t turn me off with their blatant disregard of the environment through their actions.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Chicken Inside

Once a upon a time there was two little girls, one named Marissa.

2011-07-14 Chickens 005

One named Sedona.

2011-07-14 Chickens 007

Marissa was four and Sedona was six years old.

One day they saw a chicken inside.

2011-07-14 Chickens 023

They took pictures of her.

2011-07-14 Chickens 011

Here’s a picture of her blurry.

2011-07-14 Chickens 022

This chicken was blurry one day and here is a blurry picture of her.


This is the chicken that came in Daddy’s office.


Once there was a chicken that wanted to come near the person afraid of chickens (Marissa).


At last the chicken came outside.


The End


By Sedona, Marissa and Daddy