Sunday, February 27, 2011

AMES NASATweetup–Future Flight Central (Earth)

Here’s a continuing post regarding the NASTweetup at Ames Research Facility. Another stop on the tour was the Future Flight Center (FFC). The FFC allows airport designers to get feedback from their designs before construction is started. The facility has two levels. In the first level pilots sit pretending to fly airplanes and interact with the air traffic controllers on the second floor. On the second floor the controllers are able to look at screens showing the view from the control tower.

NASATweetupAmes 071

On our visit a proposed airport outside of Las Vegas was being displayed.

NASATweetupAmes 040

The control tower had a fairly realistic view of the proposed airport with airplanes taking off and landing and scenes of the surrounding landscape.

NASATweetupAmes 041

NASATweetupAmes 042

Within the control tour are the same screens you’d expect to see in a real control tower. Here’s one screen showing the location of aircraft around the airport.

NASATweetupAmes 044

The system can show the airport during the day at night and with a variety of weather patterns.

NASATweetupAmes 049

NASATweetupAmes 052

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