Monday, September 13, 2010

Union Station - TRAXX

I recently traveled to Los Angeles for 3ds Max Design training. To get down there I traveled on Amtrak to Union Station. On the return trip I was hungry and decided to eat at a Union Station eatery called TRAXX. I primarily choose to eat there because there isn’t much else to eat at near the station (there is Alvarado Street, but I chose not eat there)

The inside of the station is open and airy, although not fully utilized. The space below is an empty portion of the train station.

2010-09-09 0782010-09-09 088

Eating at TRAXX was quite surprising, who’d expect a fancy restaurant in a train station today. The eatery has seating both inside the station and outside in an exterior courtyard. The weather was quite pleasant and the service was good. The meal started with triangular butter and a variety of sliced bread.

2010-09-09 082 

The bread shape lent itself to model building. I came up with a tall offset floor building and a decorative A shaped art sculpture.

2010-09-09 085 2010-09-09 084

I was traveling on a budget, so I ordered a Waldorf Salad. The salad portion was on the smaller side, but made up for it with a nice taste. The salad was perfectly dressed with the right amount of dressing pre tossed.

2010-09-09 089 2010-09-09 091

The apples were crisp and the spiced walnuts added to the flavor of the salad. The quality of the ingredients were good. Other items on the menu included burgers, lamb chops pasta and steak. If I’m waiting for a train again I’d eat there again.


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  1. Hi Chris, I enjoyed your creative use of "playing with your food"!