Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teacher Education

I'm thinking my sister shouldn't let me do her homework, either that or lock her computer when she's away from it.

Education 302
Fall 2010

Norms for fieldwork Observations and Participation Fall 2010

 Dress code: students follow a strict dress code (ie must wear tennis shoes, solid colors, etc) but Teachers can dress with more leniency. No jeans, no hats. Dress professional so students will take teacher seriously.

 Attend fieldwork every Wednesday and Thursday 4th period – 7th period (exact times depend varies on which topic a student chooses to study. Topics of study include post modern art, architectural modernism and how it affects/effects the world or how little kids eat fruit.

 Kids should be seen and not heard. All questions to the teacher will be texted to a clearance center in India. If deemed appropriate by Bill (Ismaeilasdf) it will be forward on into the teacher’s email box for answering the next day.

 The instructor of the class will not use pink paper. This paper may inflict irreversible conditions for children of male persuasion.

 Honey should not be used in the classroom or utilized by parents in their kids lunches. Maybe the downfall of the bees in the news is caused by the beekeepers stealing the honey from the hives.

 McDonald’s will be the chosen food source for lunches. The preservatives will ensure fresh food available for the students.

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