Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Large Corporations

I’m consuming some vittles at a Family Owned and Operated Restaurant. Some say we should frequent small family owned businesses over large corporations. But is that really the case? I make a case that we should favor large corporations over the family owned. Large corporations are more likely to have, and enforce, health and safety standards. This is due to an extra level of watching that occurs in some chains, whether it be district managers who come and check in operations, or secret shoppers.

If your goal is enacting environmental changes for the better, such as using less materials, then you can’t beat large corporations. If you’ve ever been in a McDonald’s and grabbed some napkins and noticed marketing of McDonald’s working with a environmental company to reduce the number of napkins used? It’s much easier convincing one corporation with tons of locations to enact a change then it is convincing tons of individual locations on why they should do something you think they should be doing. I feel its much better to enact changes in individuals by convincing them what to do rather then legislating changes.

There’s also the knowing what you are going to get, or at least a general idea of what it should be. Going to small business can be hit and miss to a greater to degree. If it is a great big miss it’s more likely you will get a good resolution to the problem. I recently received a milk bottle cap in my morning beverage from Starbucks. Even though I left the store I was able to get resolution of the issue through their website. A resolution that I’ll be able to use at an location. Where if it’s a small business I won’t have that same opportunity. This is especially important since I was travelling and probably wouldn’t have been able to get resolution otherwise.

Lastly aren’t all small businesses fledgling large corporations? Why should we favor the small and then despise when they grow?

What strike this post. I own a small business, you should definitely shop with my small business. But then again you might just turn the small business into a large business and put me out of business moving on to the next small business. I guess it doesn’t make much sense to choose to do business based on the size of the company. Maybe we should just do business with good businesses, both big and small.

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