Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GRAIL NASA Tweetup Part III–Shuttle Launch Pad (formerly)

On the way to the various sites we were able to spy various installations along the way. One such installation was the launch pad of the now defunct Space Shuttle Launch Pad. The pad stood out from the other launch pads in that it had additional safety features. The fences are farther away, the outer fence is taller and a larger structure surrounded the space shuttle.

2011-09-07 GRAIL NASATweetup 049

2011-09-07 GRAIL NASATweetup 052

2011-09-07 GRAIL NASATweetup 056

2011-09-07 GRAIL NASATweetup 057

Lastly a picture of the roadway material for the crawler that used to transport the space shuttle from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad. The rock is about 4.5 feet deep composed of river run rock (smooth). To allow the material to flex. I perfect place for my daughter to go rock hunting for her growing rock garden.

2011-09-07 GRAIL NASATweetup 058

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