Monday, August 22, 2011

Jobs That Americans Don't Want

I’ve often come across a phrase that says there are jobs Americans don’t want. I find this a preposterous statement, there really is no job that American’s don’t want. The problem is that most American’s who are available to work are bribed by Local, State and Federal Governments to not work the jobs available.

Take the recent news blast regarding Georgia’s crops not being able to harvested due to immigration laws. News articles are indicating that Georgia is short 11,000 farm workers to harvest this year’s spring crops. Now 11,000 may sound like a large number, but the State of Georgia has approximately 450,000 unemployed people. Now why aren’t 2.5% of the unemployed people working in the fields at $7/hour? Could it have anything to do with never ending unemployment? Given a choice would you take manual labor at $7/hour or sitting at home on your butt for $3.50/hour? I think the numbers indicate that people prefer sitting at home on their butts rather than going to work in the fields. If Georgia wants to solve their agricultural labor issues, it should stop endless unemployment benefits. Provide an incentive for people to fill open jobs, paying people to sit at home doesn’t create jobs or fill the jobs that are available.

If you are of the opinion that only one type of race is suitable for a particular job, then you should travel the United States more often. Many in Southern California think only Hispanics want to work fast food, yet when I travel the country I see predominately other racial people working the jobs supposedly other race groups are too good for. Take the time and rethink why it happens instead of blindly blaming immigration enforcement.

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