Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leaky Hose Connection

If you’ve ever connected a hose to a hose bib and lots of water spray out from the connection, it’s probably because you are missing the O-Ring or rubber ring that looks like a washer. Now I recently purchased a hose and when I was taking it from the car to the hose bib the washer fell out. So lots of leaks at the connection. I looked on the packaging and couldn’t find any directions or warnings on what to look for so I thought I’d do this post to help you out.


To fix the leak find the O-Ring, if you don’t find one take it back to where you purchased the hose and exchange it for a hose set to that has one. Sometimes the O-Ring is attached to the hose packaging, so make sure you don’t loose it as you get the hose ready to use.

Next take the O-Ring and place it in the end of the hose that connects to the hose bib.



Once added the hose connection should not leak.


The sprayer connection to the other end of the hose should also have the O-ring or some other method to prevent water from leaking from connection. So know you know how to stop the leaking and save yourself some money.

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