Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ShareGuard 64-Bit

ShareGuard is a low cost shareware protection program. Using it provides a method of software protection. Unfortunately all of the DLL files were set up for 32-bit processors. Attempting to use the program on a 64-bit program will cause problems.

In order to get the program to run on a 64-bit platform these steps may be followed:

  • First create your own ZSSGCRC32.DLL. The source code may be found on this website: http://www.vbdotnetforums.com/security/37515-get-crc-values-all-process.html The CRC32 checks to make sure the dll file of your program hasn’t been modified to subvert the software protection. Set the dll up to take a filename and then return the CRC32 value of if it.
  • Next create a program to check to see if the software is approved. You can do this by converting the ZSSGLOCKOLE2.DLL Code from Pascal to your language of choice.
  • In your program run the EXE files in process. This blog post has an example, but other sources may be found also on the internet.

The rest of the setup is as shown on the ShareGuard website.

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