Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Car Pictures – Fuses

Today we started to take a part the white car. I thought of taking PhotoFly and Fuses 457out the battery today to do something easy, but evidently they’ve hid the battery in the engine compartment and all I could find was the leads to it. Instead we took out the fuse cover and fuses.

My youngest daughter dutifully helped by holding the tools. The oldest assisted by taking pictures. She like taking pictures, she has nothing else to say about taking pictures.

The fuses were difficult to take out by hand, but the handy pliers made getting them out easier.

PhotoFly and Fuses 449 PhotoFly and Fuses 424 PhotoFly and Fuses 422 PhotoFly and Fuses 425 PhotoFly and Fuses 434 PhotoFly and Fuses 428 PhotoFly and Fuses 433

The big picture of the car:

PhotoFly and Fuses 420

Does anyone want some fuses?

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  1. Did you find the battery? Its located on the drivers side in front of the front tire. you have to take the tire of and remove the splash guard to get to it. Its a PITA.