Sunday, August 1, 2010

Green Marketing

Can we please stop the green marketing? Either believe in it and follow through or drop the superficial act that you want to protect the environment. The latest example of this is the movie Valentine’s Day. While I was watching the movie I kept thinking, they must not have voted for Proposition O, because the actions in the movie didn’t further the goals of the bond issue. Leaving discarded paper, vases and paper after an accident or purposefully putting flowers into a water way. Both pollute the environment. What really got me was the note at the end of the movie.

“The production of this film incorporated a number of ecological practices in order to minimize its environmental impact and promote the use of natural resources.”

If you haven’t seen the movie, the city of Los Angeles is a prominent character in the movie through visuals. If the production really wanted to promote and reduce the environmental impact they would have had the environmental Nazis come in and arrest both the Ashton Kutcher and George Lopez characters.It would have modeled that this behavior harms the environment. Instead the movie modeled that it is acceptable to leave your trash in the street and discard old flowers into a waterway, both of which is against the law and harms the environment.

In another scene the Jennifer Garner confronts the Patrick Dempsey character. At the end of the confrontation she is given food by the matradee that is charged to the Patrick Dempsey character. She’s on the way to a bash valentine’s day party, why does she need this food? It seems like this food is just going to be thrown away. Wouldn’t it be better if she stopped by one of the numerous homeless shelters or food banks and donated the food?

Sure these things would have killed the story, but it would have been actual green actions then green marketing.

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