Thursday, July 1, 2010

“Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs”

A certain Senator from California alluded that the fastest way to create jobs is sending out more unemployment checks. I fail to see how this in any way is going to create jobs quickly or at all. If anything it prevents draining additional money out of the economy, but that’s not creating jobs that’s preserving jobs. If you are unemployed that’s a big difference because you’ll still be unemployed and without a job.

There are actions Congress can take that would create lots of jobs. Here’s a list of things Congress could do to create a bounty of jobs, in no particular order:

  • Temporarily disallow local, State and Federal laws that prohibit or limit the selling of items on the street. Have you seen apple sellers on street corners? While not successful in creating long term jobs the International Apple Shippers Association did provide temporary relief for some during the Great Depression.
  • Make it free to incorporate a business, let people easily create their own job.
  • If jobs are important the Federal minimum wage rate can be temporarily reduced.
  • Federal environmental laws can be temporarily relaxed or the Government can hire more workers to process the permits. How about taking the permitting process from a 6 to 9 months to a week? Think of how many projects could have been started in the past year, creating jobs. I know I’m currently working on projects that are going to be delayed because of this, and this delays jobs being created.
  • After working with the Davis Bacon wage rates, they could be slashed in half. Doing so would increase the number of Federal and State projects that could be constructed increasing the number of jobs available.
  • Turn back on the pumps at the Sacramento Delta to nearly instantly create jobs on the West side of California’s Central Valley.
  • Create actual jobs and resurrect the CCC, CWA, NRA, TVA, REA and CWA. While the original programs can’t be called a total success, they did provide jobs and more benefit to society then handing out $64 billion to people to sit around and gripe about being unemployed.

These are just a few ideas on how to actually create jobs. Sadly I don’t think any of these would be on the Senator’s list. I guess it’s not really about creating jobs, but to make sure she’s able to purchase votes for the next election.

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