Tuesday, February 2, 2010

$25 Stimulus Payments

Wow, today I realized that there is a $25 Stimulus Payment/week included in my unemployment benefits. I’m not quite sure if this a joke on the government’s part. What am I supposed to do with this $25/week. It’s not enough to make my car payment, pay any of my utility bills or mortgage payment. I figure if the local County government is willing to wait 200 weeks I’ll be able to pay my property taxes which are due in April. I doubt the County is willing to wait that long. Well if I do spend all of my unemployment tax on taxable items it will almost pay for the sales tax I’m charged by the state and county ($37.13 v. $25).

I guess the best part is that I get to pay taxes on this stimulus amount. Or maybe that its that the money is being paid out with borrowed money so the true cost of this $25 is going to be quite a bit more than the original amount paid out.

I guess for some it’s even more of a problem. I’ve read some reports where people receiving the stimulus checks no longer qualify for food assistance since they now make too much money from unemployment.

This whole thing smells of buying votes by politicians. I’d settle for the government delaying the implementation of the new EPA regulations to help spur economic growth. This wouldn’t cost the government any money and provide an incentive for economic activity instead of a deterrent.

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