Sunday, January 3, 2010


It’s interesting seeing what people’s reactions are to questionable calls are. I was recently dealt AQ of hearts and raised it to 2x's the big blind early in a SNG. The small blind raised it up and the big blind folded and I called the raise. The flop came out 6h, 7d, 3h giving me a flush draw. I made a small bet thinking that if the other person probably didn’t get anything from the flop. Unfortunately he raised it up to 630 indicating he probably either hit or had a high pair. I decided to risk it and go all in with my remaining 1290 chips. The other person called and showed Ks, Kh. Fortunately for me 7h came on the turn and a Jh came on the river. I won the pot with an ace high flush. The person who didn’t win came back and called me a “loser”.

I’m not quite sure what the person was trying to accomplish with the comment. I would think he’d want me to feel good about hitting the flush because it wasn’t the best call. Early in the SNG I should probably waiting for a better time to put all of my chips in the middle, for instance when I had hit a flop. By coming back with the comment the other player made me think about my play and why he thought it would be the wrong play. The next time I might not make that bet and I probably wouldn’t have hit my flush and he wouldn’t get all of my chips. I’m sure he felt somewhat good about the comment, but in the long run it will probably cost him chips.

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